Ranking Rolling Stones Albums

Americans who grew up in the, ah, sway of the Stones’ godhead had to reckon at some point with their sixties albums, often in the shadow of the Kinks or the Beatles when by 1967’s Between the Buttons Jagger-Richard were already writing narratives that OD’s on melody; sometimes these songs — I think of “She Smiled Sweetly” — were too melodic, too damn sweet, for a born hypeman like Jagger (Paul McCartney would not only have knocked it on the head, he would have been so confident that he’d have dropped “sweetly”).

Anyway, this idiosyncratic list takes into account Brian Jones’ contributions and Steve Lillywhite’s, emotional rescues and bleeding. I’ve elaborated here, here, and here.

1. Some Girls
2. Beggars Banquet
3. Between the Buttons
4. Exile on Main Street
5. Aftermath
6. Dirty Work
7. Emotional Rescue
8. Sticky Fingers
9. Let It Bleed
10. December’s Children (And Everybody’s)
11. Tattoo You
12. A Bigger Bang

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