The best summer songs 2008-2018

Keep your “Umbrella”s and Carly Raes — only rarely have my peak pop summer moments coincided with the chart happy. Sometimes I get stuff wrong: “#Beautiful” sounded like a smash five years ago, and the wan Troye Sivan is not my idea of a queer pop star, rapid iconicity notwithstanding (ask my students).

2008. Lil Wayne – Lollipop
2009. Maxwell – Pretty Wings
2010. Lady Gaga – Alejandro
2011. Nicki Minaj – Superbass
2012. Eric Church – Springsteen
2013. Mariah Carey ft. Miguel – #Beautiful
2014. Migos ft. Young Thug – YRN
2015. Years & Years – Shine
2016. Shura – What’s It Gonna Be
2017. Kendrick Lamar – DNA
2018. Troye Sivan – Bloom

3 thoughts on “The best summer songs 2008-2018

  1. Your summer is my winter. Literally.

    I like Alejandro as consumo irónico (I can’t translate this) as my actual best friend’s name is Alejandro, mine is Fernando and other is Roberto. Word. I remember it was the next single to “Telephone” which I find infinitely better as a song. In fact, it my favorite Lady Gaga song with some distance. Paparazzi and Pofer Face, next. That said, I liker it.
    Shura’s song you guys rated it high at jukebox. I listened, I liked the video, the concept of same sex crush/love at high school, etc but found it too sugary in execution: too 80s on the side of beige 80s. Like it needed more “nerve”. That girl needed the Sky Ferreira producer. Can’t remember his name now.
    Maxwell YAY!! A 10! Talking about comebacks!
    I really like Miguel’s so so much (I really LIKE Miguel) that I can stand Maraiah in that. Sorry, Alfred. I’m gay, but she’s no icon to me. Like Whitney, never liked her. Not for me. But it’s the ONE song I tolerate her if only because is a Miguel song with HER in the mix. You don’t needs to say you disagree. I know.
    Superbass is the best song of NM. Eric Church… who’s that guy? I hope it isn’t adult contemporary country! I’ll check that out.
    Kendrick is the best artist working roght now. I have seven songs of him in my list! With three proper almums released! Must be a record. MVP this decade.

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