John Bolton, welcome back

In 2016, Donald Trump raised eyebrows for calling the Iraq War a mistake, causing Jeb! Bush to blubber. The replacement for H.R. McMaster supported the war well into 2011. This 2003 article reads like a bill of indictment:

In recent months, Bolton has convinced 10 other nations — including France and Germany, which opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq — to join the Proliferation Security Initiative, an ad hoc coalition of countries banded together to block shipments of materials for weapons of mass destruction. The initiative could include such provocative moves as stopping and searching North Korean ships suspected of carrying weapons.

Bolton has also negotiated agreements with 70 countries to exempt Americans from prosecution by a new International Criminal Court, set up to try those who commit war crimes and other crimes against humanity who might otherwise escape prosecution. The court is the sort of organization Bolton viscerally opposes — a supranational body that some fear could complicate the unilateral use of American military power. However, court supporters say it is virtually impossible that Americans would be prosecuted.

Rereading that article is a depressing reminder how the Beltway defines “intellect” as synonymous with “using pickax on opponents.” Remember David Addington? Brilliant. Intellectual.

Remind me how Donald Trump will govern differently than a Bush, Rubio, or Cruz.

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