Donald Trump, governing by narrowcasting

A few conclusions drawn from Trump’s Latest Remarks Pt. LVII:

1. Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Mexicans as rapists and murderers. Judge Curriel’s inability to render a fair decision. The good people on both sides of the Charlottesville protests. These are things he has said, irrespective of the presence of Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller.

2. As an example of base narrowcasting, or directing (if we can call this “governing” in any normal sense of the word) remarks and policy to the thirty-five percent of the electorate that sticks with him, Donald Trump surpasses Richard Nixon.

3. Hours before Trump’s remarks leaked, POLITICO published another article explaining why rural whites are racists voting for Republicans who deny them health care yet Democrats need them because “big tent.” I wonder if the Democrats interviewed in Michael Kruse will stand by what they said on the record.

4. “In his usual blunt way,” Jeremy Carl writes in National Review, “Trump cut to the core of the debate. As he’s said time and time again, the correct gauge of our immigration policy is what is best for actual American citizens—we’re running the greatest nation in the world, not the greenroom for Oprah’s next sob-story special.” I’ve seen towns in Florida as or more squalid than what Donald Trump imagines these undesirable immigrants flee; likewise Norwegians aren’t exactly coming in droves (NBC 6 Miami claimed just over three hundred Norwegians lived in South Florida; I wish I could find a link). Finally, do your research on the Center for Immigration Studies.

5. Also present at the White House meeting where Trump demonstrated his charm and generosity: Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina; Representative Kevin McCarthy; Senator David Perdue of Georgia; Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas; and Representative Robert W. Goodlatte of Virginian. Senator Dick Durbin, the only Democrat presented, is presumed to have leaked. The others have yet to comment.

6. “I want to be your greatest champion,” Donald Trump told Haitian Americans in September 2016.

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