Irma, like a hurricane pt. IV

1. So here we are. News has improved for Miami-Dade and Broward counties. The forecast models have moved west, with Key West looking like ground zero. We will likely get sustained tropical storm force winds and occasional hurricane gusts, peaking tomorrow morning and early afternoon. Other than a second viewing of The Departed, I’m doing okay

2. Jack Nicholson is really fucking bad in The Departed.

3. In the hours before a storm, some neighbors will watch TV all day; others will do laundry.

4. Like Monet’s haystacks, I have caught the changing light in my apartment. A painter should capture the light’s gradations.

5. TV reporters hate those nature shots requiring them to stand in front of a palm tree and say, WHOA NELLY THE WINDS MUST BE BLOWING AT 25 MPH LOOK AT THOSE FRONDS WAVE IN THE WIND.

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