Irma, like a hurricane, pt. III

Hi! Here are this afternoon’s updates:

1. So! The trend’s looking slightly better for southeast Florida: Irma keeps inching west. Now the keys, Key West specifically, are in a bowl of shit. The west coast up through Tampa-St. Pete looks like it’s gonna get it.

2. Around 4 p.m. yesterday I felt the tightening of my stomach knot for the first time. I’ll be alone for the day and a half prelude and for the four to six hours between Hurricane Irma’s landfall and departure for points north. I might tell the regulars at my local Starbucks to crash here.

3. I cheated. As per Wednesday’s post, I’m reading The Presidency of George H.W. Bush. I skipped to the Hurricane Andrew farrago. Boy, do I remember. In retrospect, his “handling” of the aftermath wasn’t terrible by contemporary standards. Neither FEMA nor the federal government in general had dealt with this kind of catastrophe in decades (FEMA was a Carter-er innovation; did you know?). When Miami-Dade’s director of emergency services Kate Hale infamously asked, “Where the hell is the cavalry on this one?” the cavalry arrived in a couple days. That’s as far as I go — I wasn’t living in Homestead.

4. To eliminate perishables, supermarkets start cutting prices. If you’re not a vegan or vegetarian, you can buy a nice sized T-bone for less than $8.

5. This LCD Soundsystem album has not gotten fresher.

6. I heard Amy Grant’s “I Will Remember You” at Publix.

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