Meanwhile on the Medicaid front…

It’s mid August, which means the Congressional Budget Office has goodies to stuff in your beach bucket to accompany the plastic shovel, coconut oil, and shades:

If Mr. Trump stops payment of the subsidies, the budget office said, insurers will increase premiums for midlevel “silver plans,” and the government will incur additional costs because, under the Affordable Care Act, it also provides financial assistance to low-income people to help them pay those premiums.

Insurers in some states would withdraw from the market because of “substantial uncertainty” about the effects of the cutoff, the budget office said. About 5 percent of the nation’s population would have no insurers in the individual insurance market next year without the subsidies, it said. By contrast, if the subsidies are paid, fewer than one-half of 1 percent of people would be in such areas, the report said.

Meanwhile the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is reviewing proposals that would make employment “a criterion for Medicaid eligibility” in Indiana, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. Republicans want wins on gutting the Affordable Care Act. In the Oval Office lies a cornered snake, ready to stick his venomous fangs into whoever so much as looks at him funny. I can see him withholding the payments out of malice, pure and simple.

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