Racism in the LGBT community

In June, Philadelphia decision to include a black and brown stripes on the Pride flag infuriated some gays for reasons that made them look at best obstinate and at worst racist. A flag designed in the late seventies as a symbol of diversity became a straitjacket. This gay man of Cuban descent has no trouble with cosmetics accommodations if they strengthen a message. Alas, I know people in the local gay community as irate as the neanderthal I linked to — in Miami-Dade and Broward, two minority majority counties. Meanwhile:

Further, LGBT people of color are constantly speaking out about racist experiences at majority-white gay bars and the lack of inclusive safe spaces. In September 2016, Darryl DePiano, owner of Philadelphia gay bar iCandy, was caught on camera referring to several black patrons as “niggers.” And, in Washington, D.C., it was revealed in Mic that the owner of J.R.’s demanded that Aram Vartian, then a graphic designer at LGBT publication Metro Weekly, use a “hot white guy” on a promotional flyer instead of a black man to please his clientele.

A glance at OKCupid confirms the preference for “white str8-acting men.” Of course, I see no reason to expect gay men to be more inclusive than the straight brethren who won’t or don’t date outside their race, but those men who run straight bars aren’t prohibiting Asian or black women from entering either. Sticking with these preferences gets easier as cities become increasingly inaccessible to minorities, those least likely to pay the three thousand bucks a month for a studio in Brooklyn or a Brickell condo.

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6 Responses to Racism in the LGBT community

  1. El Aygee says:

    There is no White stripe in the rainbow and neither are there black or brown stripes. Each color in the rainbow stands for a virtue or ideal, none stand for skin color.

  2. James Kidwell says:

    Those two colors don’t appear in a rainbow in nature, and should not appear in the rainbow flag! The flags I’ve seen with these colors added are ugly, and unseemly. Why fix what isn’t Brocken? Adding those colors will not change people’s feelings or attraction! Where’s the grey stripe for the older men? Ageism far overshadows racism in the gay community!

    • humanizingthevacuum says:

      Thanks for reading. My post answered most of your questions. I don’t care for flags, but if a traditionally overlooked part of our community says it feels underrepresented, it behooves the rest of us to listen. And if we wanna add a grey stripe too, who cares? Finally, I’d think twice about arguing that ageism overshadows racism. How easy it is to say it when you haven’t endured. My black gay friends over 50 would like a word with you.

      Thanks again.

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