Best screwball comedies

I included later films like Ernst Lubitsch’s To Be or Not to Be and David O. Russell’s <emFlirting with Disaster. I also included imperfect delights like Theodora Goes Wild, in which Irene Dunne finally — at last — lets her hair down.

1. My Man Godfrey, dir. Gregory La Cava
2. Twentieth Century, dir. Howard Hawks
3. Nothing Sacred, dir. William Wellman
4. To Be or Not to Be, dir. Ernst Lubitsch
5. Sylvia Scarlett, dir. George Cukor
6. The Awful Truth, Leo McCarey
7. The Palm Beach Story, dir. Preston Sturges
8. Midnight, dir. Mitchell Leisen
9. The More, The Merrier, dir. George Stevens
10. What’s Up, Doc, dir. Peter Bogdanovich
11. Flirting with Disaster, dir. David O. Russell
12. Raising Arizona, dir. Coens
13. His Girl Friday, Howard Hawks
14. Theodora Goes Wild, dir. Richard Boleslawski
15. Broadminded, dir. Melvyn Le Roy

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