Racism? What racism?

The imbecility of the president shouldn’t blind us from the awfulness promulgated by the less incompetent forces in his administration, namely Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. During his confirmation hearings, he looked aggrieved that anyone would consider him a racist. Behold:

The Trump administration is directing the Justice Department to explore whether it can sue institutions of higher education over affirmative action policies that the White House deems discriminatory against white applicants, The New York Times is reporting.

The Times based its report on a document that it obtained.

The internal announcement to the Justice Department’s civil rights division puts out a call for lawyers interested in working on a new project focused on “investigations and possible litigation related to intentional race-based discrimination in college and university admissions,” the Times reported.

Supporters and detractors of the project told the Times that the project was clearly going after programs that benefit black and Latino students and other groups.

It’s almost as if installing a racist in the Justice Department increases the chances of the enactment of racist policies.

Meanwhile a bipartisan foundation completed its survey of how Americans voted in November 2016. The results should surprise no one:

Forty-nine percent of Democrats thought it was important for people who want to call themselves American to have lived here most of their lives, and 47 percent believed being born here was important. In contrast, 63 percent of Republicans weighed spending one’s life here or being born here heavily. Among those who supported Mr. Trump in primary votes, those numbers rose to 69 and 72 percent.

The role of religion in American identity revealed another divide. A third of Democrats and just more than half (56 percent) of Republicans thought being a Christian was important to being an American. Within G.O.P. primary voters, Mr. Trump’s voters once again stood out. Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of his primary supporters thought being a Christian was important to being an American.

Yet white people only voted for Donald Trump because coal jobs are vanishing.

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