I’ll do what you want me to do: the best of Tina Turner

For the most spectacular comeback of my lifetime, Tina Turner copped not an inch to the Madonna market. She sang Terry Britten and Graham Lyle’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It” from the point of view of a middle aged woman who has seen enough bullshit from young songwriters and producers, many of whom are more desperate than lovers; she has learned to live on reflex. So few popular songs take this point of view that thirty-three years later the triumph feels more earned than ever. Fortunately, Tina Turner kept going. Her best material embodies wanderlust, intrinsically and conceptually: she travels from producer to producer, like her women do for kicks, often ending up burned but with a je ne regrette rien attitude.

1. Let’s Stay Together
2. What’s Love Got to With It
3. Typical Male
4. Ball of Confusion
5. Proud Mary
6. Private Dancer
7. One of the Living
8. Nutbush City Limits
9. Better Be Good to Me
10. What You Get is What You See
11. I Might’ve Been Queen
12. I Don’t Wanna Fight
13. Steamy Windows
14. We Don’t Need Another Hero
15. Steel Claw

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