The president’s contempt for human dignity

In the last forty-eight hours, Donald J. Trump’s contempt for Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has led to wags speculating that he hopes to push the attorney general close enough to the window so that Sessions jumps. Yesterday the National Review, speaking for most conservatives, condemned the president’s rashness. Increasing deportation of undocumetned or illegal immigrants beyond Barack Obama’s efforts and reversing the previous administration’s emphasis on the victims of police abuse are two of the reasons why many parlor conservative scions voted for the man who boasted about grabbing a woman’s vagina (the other Americans who voted for Trump did it to troll women, the media, fags, and people of color).

Now, the Trump administration was the first Republican one in the last half century to win without endorsement from the conservative donor class that pays for unprofitable rags like The Weekly Standard and NR; Breitbart types haven’t concealed their disgust with these people either, a first. Trump doesn’t need Rich Lowry or Bill Kristol. But it needs the people affiliated with these publications or who work in local Republican parties: the aforementioned trolls who even if they had good coal jobs would loathe student protestors and homosexuals. Should Trump fire Sessions or Sessions do the honorable thing and resign, he’ll need all the racists and homophobes he can get. Thus this.

This from a presidential aspirant who held up a LGBT flag and according to one article had “more accepting views on gay issues” than his GOP gargoyle colleagues. Close to eleven thousand transgender men and women serve in the armed forces. By announcing this policy shift on Twitter, their commander in chief demonstrates the same revulsion for human dignity with which Gonzalo P. Curiel, John McCain, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, and millions of American women are well acquainted. Apparently the president knows so little about American armed forces that he thinks, say, the Navy offers gender reassignment surgery at taxpayer expense. The tweet, written no doubt after several sleepless hours and a couple watching his adversaries on MSNBC, has elevated the danger to transgender men and women serving. Yet we call Kim Jong-un volatile.

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