Animals in their death throes

The GOP in two hundred-fifty characters or less.

Posting has been light this July as I go on vacation and finish a more hectic than usual summer semester (I teach all summer). But I couldn’t resist commenting on that missive from our president, this gem sent yesterday, this post by an NRO contributor who for once in 2017 isn’t writing about trigger warnings and marauding gangs of saber toothed college students, and the old Datsun filled with giggling and smirking GOP senators careening off a cliff. It’s as if this remains of the Ronnie Army understand the magnitude of the calamity at last but have no choice but to hold fast to the voters whose hatreds they have stoked since January 1981. Unfit to run a brothel, uninterested in anything as tedious as legislating when FOX News and appearances on Mark Levin’s show get their blood up, Republicans in the Senate and House represent no one except their donor base. The congeries of resentments is the squid ink through which their base stumbles.

Meanwhile, those same Democratic House members who objected to Obamacare in 2009 and 2010 are having their own zombie moment:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and party leaders are coordinating candidate recruiting and mentoring with the Blue Dogs. Both sides say there is a shared understanding that winning as many seats as possible in 2018 is more important than any Democratic purity test for potential candidates.

Creating a candidate who can win a center-right district is basic politics; opposing minimum wage increases for the sake of – here we go againn – Fiscal Responsibility is failed politics. The bluest dog of them all, don’t forget, sits in the mayor’s office in Cook County. An obsession with fiscal responsibility turns one into Mr. Murdstone.

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