You said you’d die for me: The best of sophisti-pop

As I defined this surprisingly durable subgenre a decade ago

The march of Thatcherism and a White House-crafted myth of renascent America—a development confirmed by the massive electoral triumph of Ronald Reagan in 1984 and, in popular culture, the pectoral triumph of John Rambo—instilled a craving for genres whose intimations of glamour and leisure seduced consumers already besotted with the Colbys and the purported superiority of compact disc technology. There’s a sense in which the laxative smoothness of the CD, its packaging, and cost, reified bossa nova, reggae, ska, and synth-pop; when scrubbed of their unsettling subtleties they play so much better at home

I could clean up the grammar and shifts of emphasis, but this sounds correct.

1. Johnny Hates Jazz – Shattered Dreams
2. Swing Out Sister – Twilight World
3. Danny Wilson – Mary’s Prayer
4. ABC – The Night You Murdered Love
5. Aztec Camera – Somewhere in My Heart
6. Prefab Sprout – When Love Breaks Down
7. Basia – Cruising For Bruising
8. The Style Council – My Ever Changing Moods
9. The Blow Monkeys – Digging Your Scene
10. Everything But the Girl – Driving
11. Sade – Your Love is King
12. Scritti Politti – The Word “Girl”
13. Simply Red – Something Got Me Started
14. Level 42 – Lessons in Love
15. The Blue Nile – The Downtown Lights

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