You’re so self-satisfied I don’t need you: the best Queen songs

An embodiment of the ancient English law stipulating that camp is acceptable when accompanied by the poses of masculinity, Queen didn’t move me much even after the death of Freddie Mercury. I resented how high school classmates had no trouble with Mercury’s mincing but had no time for Bowie; if only the Dame had wiggled his skinny ass, strummed power chords, and shouted chants about wanting it all! Research later revealed the number of fun songs in their catalog, and I’m sure later albums conceal baubles that my tentative efforts haven’t uncovered.

As readers might imagine, my list leaned toward the yearningly homoerotic and the silly. If I’m honest with myself, “Back Chat” would top this list.

1. Killer Queen
2. You’re My Best Friend
3. Somebody to Love
4. Back Chat
5. Under Pressure
6. Bicycle Race
7. Hammer to Fall
8. A Kind of Magic
9. Brighton Rock
10. Dragon Attack
11. I’m Going Slightly Mad
12. Play the Game
13. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
14. Don’t Stop Me Now
15. Radio Ga Ga
16. I Want to Break Free
17. Breakthru
18. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
19. Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
20. Who Wants to Live Forever

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