Like a muzzle of a gun, I need love: the worst U2 songs

It should surprise no one that I included a quarter of Pop, released twenty years ago to a reception less derisive than received wisdom would suggest. “Last Night on Earth” remains their direst single — four minutes of nothing. But Rattle and Hum boasts “Angel of Harlem,” Bono’s most embarrassing attempt to connect with a songwriting conceit that is supposed to be a person (don’t ever try personification again, Bono). Also, “Hawkmoon 269,” with more heavy breathing than a telephone stalker and terrible contributions from esteemed organist Bob Dylan.

1. Angel of Harlem
2. Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
3. Love Rescue Me
4. Miami
5. Discotheque
6. Last Night On Earth
7. Get On Your Boots
8. Grace
9. Elvis Presley And America
10. Hawkmoon 269
11. Magnificent
12. Playboy Mansion
13. I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight
14. With A Shout (Jerusalem)
15. God Part II
16. Elevation
17. Elvis Ate America
18. Love Comes Tumbling
19. Original of the Species

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