Worst Rolling Stones singles

I was born too late to take Mick Jagger seriously as a balladeer, especially Limburger as fragrant as “Angie,” in which I’m asked to believe Jagger would (a) “try” (b) notice a string section. But at least he and pianist Nicky Hopkins broke a sweat. Friends know my esteem for Dirty Work, but the esteem doesn’t extend to the execrable “Harlem Shuffle.” I’m also not keen on the second-rate rocker “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll” (Mott the Hoople were doing this shit better) or third-rate tubthumpers like “You Got Me Rocking,” begging and pleading to be accepted as “Start Me Up” sequels by radio programmers. Even Keith Richards can sound like he’d rather be climbing palm trees (“Wanna Hold You”).

My best-of list.

1. Angie
2. Harlem Shuffle
3. Indian Girl
4. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll.
5. Anybody Seen My Baby
6. Wanna Hold You
7. Gunface
8. Going Home
9. Tie Me Up (The Pain of Love)
10. Hey Negrita
11. Blinded by Love
12. Dancing With Mr. D
13. You Got Me Rocking
14. You Gotta Move
15. Always Suffering

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