Waiting for people to die

I actually heard a flak on Morning Joe a couple hours ago claim that Medicaid spending under the American Millionnaires Bailout Act will increase in the next ten years. I expect this to be a talking point in the next few days in the same way that, say, an increase in opiod relief funding to $20 billion year allows Senators Rob Portman and Shelley Moore Capito to claim they secured a 1,000 percent increase.

Now this news emerges:

Senate Republicans are expected to revise their health bill early next week, adding in a provision that could lock Americans out of the individual market for six months if they fail to maintain continuous insurance coverage.

Health insurance industry sources familiar with the plan say the change could be announced as early as Monday.

The six-month waiting period would fill a big policy gap in the current Better Care Act, which requires health plans to accept all patients — but doesn’t require all Americans to purchase coverage, as the Affordable Care Act does. Experts expect that this would cause a death spiral, where only the sickest patients purchase coverage and premiums skyrocket.

Aand don’t for a moment think that the cruelest members of the GOP caucus aren’t coming after the pre-existing conditions clause either. Yesterday Ron Johnson of Wisconsin compared the idea of insuring htese people akin to selling a policy to “somebody after they crash their car.” It isn’t even the moronic analogy: pre-existing conditions are no one’s fault; it’s the suggestion of recklessness. But guaranteeing almost $700 million in tax cuts to the fich suggests sobriety and sanity. Yet we’re supposed to believe life on Earth has evolved.

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