The self-abasement of Cuban American politicians


Citing “wonderful memories” from campaign visits, Trump said “that was right before the election — I guess it worked.”

The president also met privately with veterans from the Bay of Pigs, the ill-fated April 1961 invasion of Cuba by Cuban exiles and backed by the CIA.

He was pushed by Florida Republicans, including senator and former primary opponent Marco Rubio.

Addressing the crowd ahead of Trump, Rubio said “this change empowers the people of Cuba,” adding that “we will not empower their oppressors.”

Vice President Pence said that “America stands with the persecuted, the oppressed, and the exploited in Cuba.”

Polls conducted last December showed that 75% of Americans favored the change in policy toward Cuba.

Not for Trump, who courts embarrassment like The Daily Caller does clicks. I’m embarrassed that cable news audiences will look at the superannuated pack arranged behind the Plankton with a Hairpiece and assume they represent any kind of elite. Representative Mario Diaz-Balart doomed his constituents to early deaths by voting for the House’s homicidal health care bill in March in exchange for Donald Trump’s support of reversing some of Barack Obama’s Cuba policy. Reducing the men and women in his district to abject penny scraping for health care while pretending anything a humiliated United States will bluster about will knock Raul Castro out of power — Diaz-Balart is beneath contempt, an example of omertà gone to seed in a carbohydrate-rich body. The wealthier ones living in Coral Gables and Westchester and the Hammocks don’t give a damn about Cuba; motivated by spite and a talent for refusing to think through the consequences of their actions on their heirs, they cheer and smirk behind a president who would have as cynically broken bread with Raul Castro had he met with another exile cohort. My parents and grandparents’ generations wonder why they’re laughing stocks.

Imagine a government scaring citizens like this.

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