Singles 6/16

I perhaps underrated “Perfect Places,” but the point deduction rested on how dead it sounds playing in the car; now that I’ve heard (and enjoy) Melodrama it’s an album track pretending to be a single. “Perfect Places” inspired good writing, though, and our new recruits delivered, even extending sympathy to the insufferable Chris Stapleton and being patient with The National’s increasingly self-parodic ministrations (which they almost get away with anyway).

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Tamar Braxton – My Man (7)
IU – Jam Jam (7)
Maluma – Felices Los 4 (6)
Twice – Signal (6)
The National – The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness (6)
Grizzly Bear – Three Rings (6)
Lorde – Perfect Places (5)
French Montana ft. Swae Lee – Unforgettable (5)
Gepe – Hablar de Ti (5)
Russ – Losin’ Control (4)
Chris Stapleton – Either Way (4)
Sechskies – Be Well (3)
Hailee Steinfeld – Most Girls (2)

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