Hmmmummmmmm: the best of My Bloody Valentine

I have a few comments about shoegaze, but I’ve filed a review of a certain band’s new album that recorded those comments. I’m no aficionado, though, and I didn’t listen to Isn’t Anything until a decade ago; the 2012 remaster is amazing. Nevertheless, I’m struck by my ability to remember twenty songs. I can even hum “Glider”!

1. To Here Knows When (EP Version)
2. Soon
3. Cigarette in Your Bed
4. You Made Me Realise
5. Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside)
6. Thorn
7. Blown a Wish
8. Feed Me with Your Kiss
9. New You
10. To Here Knows When
11. Drive It All Over Me
12. When You Wake Up You’re Still a Dream
13. Sueisfine
14. In Another Way
15. No More Sorry
16. I Am Here
17. Glider
18. Only Shallow
19. Off Your Face
20. Swallow

For the Spotify playlist, check out the Dowsers.

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