‘We resisted then and we’re resisting now’

In “Pride Has Always Been a Protest,” Nico Lang reminds remders that before the affirmations of the last ten years, Pride existed as protest.

ince Trump’s inauguration in January, his administration has consistently chipped away at protections for queer and trans people, whether it’s LGBT workplace protections, data collection on seniors and homeless youth, or affirming treatment for trans students. Most recently, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said it wasn’t the federal government’s job to protect LGBT youth from bullying and harassment in the classroom.

“In 1970, we had to fight in court to get a permit to have the first L.A. Pride,” Pendleton said. “We’re fighting different battles, but it’s sad to me that from 1970 to 2017, we’re still having to fight. We resisted then and we’re resisting now.”

Rev. Troy Perry, one of the organizers of the inaugural parade, says the city had some impossible demands before giving its permission for a Pride event. Organizers would have to put up $1.5 million in bonds. That money, police said, was intended to cover any expense from windows being broken “when people start throwing rocks” at the marchers, as well as the cost of paying overtime for officers assigned to the event. But Perry says the words of the police chief, Edward M. Davis, was the most damning of all.

“I’d rather see thieves and burglars walking down Hollywood Boulevard holding a parade than this bunch of homosexuals,” he reportedly told Perry.

With Betsy DeVos refusing to answer questions about state-sponsored discrimination against queer youth and accquaintances flirting with white supremacist drivel, this Pride is a powder keg.

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