The reward for electing a businessman

Much as I remain wary of stories citing anonymous sources and haven’t spent much time linking to stories reliant on them, I can’t resist posting these claims:

President Donald Trump reportedly asked his top intelligence official in March to get former FBI chief James Comey to ease off on a probe into fired national security advisor Mike Flynn, the Washington Post reported Tuesday, citing officials familiar with the version of events Coats told associates.

Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats and CIA Chief Mike Pompeo were asked by Trump to stay behind following a briefing in the White House, the report said. Trump then complained about Comey’s handling of the FBI probe into whether Trump’s campaign coordinated with Russia during the 2016 race, the report said.

Coats reportedly opted not to become involved because he believed it would be inappropriate, the report said, citing sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Either Daniel Coats had no idea what White House apparatchiks or his own staff would leak or he approved the anonymous leaks himself; regardless, this won’t help Donald Trump’s legal case should evidence prove these revelations.

An unlettered and incurious charlatan bumbled into the presidency, and because his talents attract like-minded protozoa he has no one in the West Wing advising him not to treat the Roosevelt Room like Elevator Three in Trump Tower. If approximately thirty-five percent of the country wasn’t gripped with the pathology that supposes a businessman is more equipped to lead than, say, a poet laureate (I’d worry about a state that mimics a poem too), I’d suppose this lesson would have taught us never to elect any of his kind again.

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