Don’t open your eyes you won’t like what you see: the best of Trent Reznor

In 1990 when I discovered Consolidated and Meat Beat Manifesto, Nine Inch Nails didn’t come up. Melodic, entranced by rock star poses, Trent Reznor had no patience for the happiness-in-slavery submission to beats and noise of industrial, which marked him as a star from the beginning — NIN, not Consolidated, were asked to headline Lollapalooza in 1991. I’m not a fan — this kind of hysteria makes me question the idea of sex itself, for if you’re heaving and shouting and lisping and drooling so strenuously, you must be more desperate than I need at the moment. But I can’t deny Reznor’s manipulation of self-destructive zones that stop just short of demilitarized zones. His most sustained recording is Broken, when he figured out the connections between Adam Ant and Adam and Eve. I wish I had seen his 1995 tour with David Bowie, with whom he formed a poignant bond: a tour that didn’t deserve its slings, according to the clips I’ve watched

1. Happiness in Slavery
2. March of the Pigs
3. Hurt
4. Head Like a Hole
5. Only
6. The Perfect Drug
7. The Day the World Went Away
8. David Bowie – I’m Afraid of Americans
9. Down On It
10. Kinda I Want To
11. Mr. Self-Destruct
12. Eraser
13. Wish
14. We’re In This Together.
15. Physical

For the Spotify playlist, check out the Dowsers.

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