You’re so nice on drugs: the best of Nick Lowe

A pub rocker whose soul lay in country, Nick Lowe began as a smart ass who lost interest in jokes, hence his smarts. For a while, though, this punk fellow traveler released several of the funniest singles of the new wave era; it’s amazing that he got as high as #12 at the heart of the disco era with “Cruel to Be Kind.” My pick hit is a b-side that finds him riding on the “Foggy Notion” bass line through the heart of the city, looking for big kicks and plain scraps; my favorite album is the long out of print and soon to be re-released Nick the Knife, on which for the last time he balances the sweet and the sour. I’ve given those post-Party of One albums several chances, and, boy, the guy who wrote the wittiest Bowie send-up ever had reduced himself to coming up with titles like “You Stabbed Me in the Front.” My first Humanizing the Vacuum post was a review of 2007’s At My Age, still a bore.

1. Heart of the City
2. Cruel to Be Kind
3. (I Love the Sound of) Breaking Glass
4. Big Kick, Plain Scrap!
5. And So It Goes
6. Music For Money
7. Cracking Up
8. Marie Prevost
9. Nutted by Reality
10. Little Hitler
11. American Squirm
12. Let Me Kiss Ya
13. Ragin’ Eyes
14. Rocky Road
15. The Beast in Me
16. Too Many Teardrops
17. Indoor Fireworks
18 Born Fighter
19. Half a Boy and Half a Man
20. The Rose of England
21. Soulful Wind
22. Time Wounds All Heels
23. What’s Shakin’ on the Hill
24. True Love on a Gravel Road
25. Who Was That Man?

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2 Responses to You’re so nice on drugs: the best of Nick Lowe

  1. Mark G says:


    Excellent list, I’d drop “Let me kiss ya” and put “My Heart Hurts” in it’s place. But, apart from that, this is a keep.

    Mark G

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