‘What they always pant for is magic’

H.L. Mencken:

Once he gets under way his slightest utterances will take on an an oracular character, and another swill begin carrying their babies to him to be cured of cramps, windgalls and distemper. For the plain people of the world are always looking for messiahs, and whenever one wears out they resort to another. They are never content with hard diligence or common sense; what they always pant for is magic.

I believe that successful businessmen usually man poor public administrators. They always share the popular delusion that ruling a government is precisely the same thing as running an electric company, a wholesale house, or a chain of grocery stores. It is, of course, nothing of the kind. The public official drafted from business invariably discovers to his dismay that dealing with politicians is an art quite new to him, beyond his talents and experience, and one times out of ten they quickly wreck him.

I wonder whom he could be referring to.

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