Best movies of 2017 – first quarter and a half

I’ve reviewed about thirty-five films this year to date, an underwhelming 2017 thus far. Look for reviews of Alien: Covenant soon; I missed the press screening. A Quiet Passion and The Lost City of Z are easily the most accomplished things I’ve seen, with the popular hit Get Out not far behind. But this means I’m part of the consensus, which annoys me. Thus, if you can find Kôji Fukada’s Harmonium, watch it.

1. The Lost City of Z, dir. James Gray
2. A Quiet Passion, dir. Terence Davies
3. Personal Shopper, dir. Olivier Assayas
4. Get Out, dir. Jordan Peele
5. Harmonium, dir. Kôji Fukada
6. Frantz, dir. François Ozon
7. Cargo, dir. Kareem Mortimer
8. It’s Only the End of the World, dir. Xavier Dolan
9. The Death of Louis XIV, dir. Albert Serra
10. John Wick Chapter 2, dir. Chad Stahelski

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