I got to let it show: the best of Nile Rodgers

Glancing at 1986 at random, Nile Rodgers looks busier than a Reagan staffer: Grace Jones, Duran Duran, Laurie Anderson, and Philip Bailey alone. At a cost, of course, according to his memoir — 1986 strikes me as Peak Cocaine in rock, as who wouldn’t be to wear what Heart did in its videos. But there he was, adding slink to people who didn’t deserve it. For example: in 1995, I bought a cutout bin copy of Ric Ocasek’s forgotten flop of a third album at my college bookstore and whaddyaknow — those who bitch about how every Cars record sounds the same should hear what Rodgers brought to this project.

1. Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out
2. Sister Sledge – He’s the Greatest Dancer
3. David Bowie – Modern Love
4. The B-52’s – Roam
5. Duran Duran – Notorious
6. Norma Jean – I Like Love
7. Madonna – Over and Over
8. Grace Jones – I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You)
9. INXS – Original Sin (Remix)
10. Sheena Easton – Do You
11. Bryan Ferry – Help Me
12. Ric Ocasek – Flowers of Evil
13. Mick Jagger – Lucky in Love
14. Peter Gabriel – Out, Out
15. Laurie Anderson – Language is a Virus

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