Treating intelligence like luggage combinations

Of course the president didn’t intentionally leak classified material to Russian officials last week. To say intentions motivate this man suggests trust in his cognitive abilities. Although the Republic has endured luminaries like Franklin Pierce, Andrew Johnson, Warren Harding, and Gerald Ford, they knew their cues. No one had to point out to Ronald Reagan the chalk marks on the dais. Donald Trump is a special case: here is a stupid man. He’s so stupid that he’d reveal his luggage password to Labrov. The only thing he does intentionally is take a shit, not a leak.

I do get uneasy with newspapers granting The Intelligence Community anonymity to bury their sharpened hatchets into the president’s skull; however, even as I type the president seems to be on one of his manic Twitter runs confirming confirming the Washington Post story. Doug Henwood has himself been on Twitter with the har-hars. It’s not at the level of puerility to which Mitch McConnell and his odious bunch sunk last week when they brayed, like donkeys hit with a mallet, that liberals who wanted James Comey fired should be delighted by the president’s actions. Indulge my cynicism. The CIA, DIA, NSA, and the other vegetables in the alphabet city have had seventy years of practice overthrowing governments, democratic and unelected. Liberals haven’t. Therefore, it makes sense to subcontract the operation to experts. In this manner the Republic’s integrity is preserved. Where this leaves the next Democratic president is anybody’s guess. Flowers for and free lunches with career servants won’t do.

And, no, Republicans won’t abandon him.

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