Remember bipartisan prison sentence reform?

Let’s stop laughing at the president for a moment. Here is what happens when Donald Trump appoints and empowers a person with a comprehension of how to work the government levels. We’re back to minimum maximum sentences, thanks to Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III.

In an eight-paragraph memo to the nation’s prosecutors, Mr. Sessions returned to the guidance of President George W. Bush’s administration by calling for more uniform punishments — including mandatory minimum sentences — and directing prosecutors to pursue the strictest possible charges. Mr. Sessions’s policy, however, is broader than that of the Bush administration, and will be more reliant on the judgments of United States attorneys and assistant attorneys general.

“It is a core principle that prosecutors should charge and pursue the most serious, readily provable offense,” Mr. Sessions wrote in the memo, which was distributed late Thursday and emphasized his demand for consistency in federal cases.

However, he said, there could be limited exceptions. “There will be circumstances in which good judgment would lead a prosecutor to conclude that a strict application of the above charging policy is not warranted,” Mr. Sessions wrote.

That guidance now replaces the orders of former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., who in 2013 encouraged prosecutors to consider the individual circumstances of a case and to exercise discretion in charging drug crimes. Mr. Holder directed prosecutors — when considering nonviolent defendants with insignificant criminal histories and no connections to drug trafficking or other criminal organizations — to omit details about drug quantities from charging documents so as not to trigger automatically harsh penalties.

Remember this proposed legislation? Remember when children could play in their front yards at night?

Let’s be clear: if the Plankton with a Hair Piece, Jeb!, or Romney had won in 2016 and 2012, their attorneys general would have issued similar directives. This is why we must oppose them all. Stop thinking the problem is solved with Trump’s removal.

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