‘You know, we’re going to have work visas for the farm workers’

The forty-fifth president did The Economist a favor by handing its reporters a fresh word salad. I leave it to my readers to choose their favorite quote:

I don’t know who the people are that would put us into a NAFTA, which was so one-sided. Both from the Canada standpoint and from the Mexico standpoint. So one-sided. Wilbur [Ross, the secretary of commerce] will tell you that, you know, like, at the court in Canada, we always lose. Well, the judges are three Canadians and two Americans. We always lose. But we’re not going to lose any more. And so it’s very, very unfair.


Of course by China standards, it’s very short [laughter], you know when I’m with [Xi Jinping], because he’s great, when I’m with him, he’s a great guy. He was telling me, you know they go back 8,000 years, we have 1776 is like modern history. They consider 1776 like yesterday and they, you know, go back a long time. They talk about the different wars, it was very interesting. We got along great.

Maybe this one:

We also want farm workers to be able to come in. You know, we’re going to have work visas for the farm workers.

Or this exchange between reporter and the president:

What would a fair NAFTA look like?

Big isn’t a good enough word. Massive.


It’s got to be. It’s got to be.

Then this pair of jewels in the interview’s health care portion:

People that buy life insurance they’re inundated with carriers. All different plans. That’s what this is going to be like. And I said to them, “What do you think the good plans are going to look like?” He said, “Mr President, we’re going to have so many plans. We’re going to have the low version, the high version”, he used the word Cadillac. I won’t tell you what car he used for the low version because I don’t want you to write it because they happen to be friends of mine, you know, the head people. [Goes off the record.]

And the second:

Insurance is, you’re 20 years old, you just graduated from college, and you start paying $15 a month for the rest of your life and by the time you’re 70, and you really need it, you’re still paying the same amount and that’s really insurance.

A delicious word salad with old mayo, flaccid celery chunks, and maggots. It isn’t even the desultory crumbling of any notion of subject, verb, and object – it’s the man’s bottomless ignorance and committed stupidity.

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