Multiplatinum hitmakers Roger Daltrey and Robert Tepper

A few notes on this spring 1986 chart, unearthed because :

(1) Chris Molanphy, can you explain the differences between “power” and “active” rotation?

(2) Let the record show that Roger Daltrey is at the top of heavy rotation with a song not on the album released several months earlier. Let the record also show that Peter Frampton made it too.

(3) I didn’t know “The Lady Don’t Mind” was a single and boasted a video.

(4) Look at all the R&B acts! MTV sure beat back accusations that it avoided black acts.

(5) Sylvester Stallone must have owned stake in MTV. Robert Tepper, who went to #22 that spring, owned this chart. Fun fact: he cowrote Benny Mardones’ “Into the Night”!

(6) Depending on how you want to interpret the following phrase and how you define a-ha and Arcadia, strange foreign acts with fascinating hair were on the wane this term. ZZ Top of Texas count.

(7) Re Arcadia: members of Duran Duran could release an audio track of Herb Ritts reciting his name in orgasm over bass slaps and block synth chords and land an MTV hit.

(8) Rush!


(10) Oh for fuck’s sake — STING?

(11) Someone please admit he or she can hum Brian Setzer’s “The Knife Feels Like Justice.”

(12) Someone please admit he or she can hum Alan Parsons Project’s “Stereotonomy.”

(13) Little did I know that Ozzy’s former bass player wrote his lyris and fought for credit, or, worse, that his biggest solo success to date has been deleted.

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