The god’s truth

Unless Congress paid for a border wall, the president warned a few days ago, he’d shut down the government and refuse to pay states the federal subsidies required to keep the Affordable Care Act going. Then he changed his mind. Those who study the hieroglyphics on “Morning Joe” wondered if Trump was bringing The Art of the Deal to Washington.

It took Josh Marshall long enough to admit the following in public:

What seems clear with Trump is that the exercise is likely mistaken in itself. There’s no Trump viewpoint or thinking or goal to represent. There’s no actor at the center of the machine, at least not one who remains constant enough in any aim or view to matter. So there’s no point figuring our which advisor speaks for the President or represents his thinking. Because, fundamentally, there’s no thinking to represent.

Because, fundamentally, our president is an imbecile. But it doesn’t matter that he’s an imbecile: voters elected an imbecile because imbeciles Shake Things Up; besides, in their minds an imbecile is no more competent than the typical federal employee.

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