I gotta get my body moving: the best of Rihanna

Bored readers can check The Singles Jukebox’s archive for my uncomplimentary reviews of who was for a while the most vacuous mega pop star of my lifetime. But like many a pop star she rises to the material when the material deserves rising. I’ve become a self-parody touting the nuances that The-Dream coaxes out of Rihanna on 2007’s “Livin’ a Lie,” and “FourFiveSeconds” is here not because of Kanye’s lobotomized performance or Paul McCartney’s guitar (John Mayer could’ve been had for less) but because Rihanna sings as if she’s testing the song’s possibilities. We’re not quite done with her yet: her series of chart hits is staggering in one so young, and ANTI got the kudos that its predecessors hadn’t despite being marginally better — yet it produced her most fetching single, go figure.

1. Kiss It Better
2. Livin’ a Lie
3. Don’t Stop the Music
4. Diamonds
5. SOS
6. Stay
7. Umbrella
8. Question Existing
9. Higher
10. Disturbia
11. FourFiveSeconds
12. Pour It Up
13. Pon De Replay
14. Rehab
15. Take Care (w/Drake)

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