They say that love’s a gentle thing: the best of Linda Ronstadt

Accept she’s boring — deal with it. Once Heart Like a Wheel kicked off a platinum streak that made er the highest paid singer in the world, her albums didn’t vary much; if you like Prisoners in Disguise more than I do, I won’t quibble. Growing up I knew her as the singer behind Fievel’s theme “Somewhere Out There,” the woman in the mariachi outfit on Canciones de Mi Padre, and for a pair of Aaron Neville duets unique in their well-wrought bathos. I suppose her lifeless Motown and early R&B covers counted among the first instances of the rock and roll generation mythologizing itself; I wish she had sung more tunes like “Old Paint,” “Will Never Marry,” and “A Different Drum,” although I doubt she would have remained the world’s highest paid singer

I owe a great deal to John Rockwell’s appreciation collected in the first edition of Stranded: serious and devoid of condescension.

1. It’s So Easy
2. A Different Drum
3. You’re No Good
4. Hurt So Bad
5. Alison
6. Tumbling Dice
7. Lovesick Blues
8. Love is a Rose
9. Poor Poor Pitiful Me
10. When Will I Be Loved
11. Blue Bayou
12. Rescue Me
13. Love Has No Pride
14. Carmelita
15. How Do I Make You
16. I Will Never Marry
17. I’ve Had Enough (w/Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris)
18. Winter Light
19. Heartbeats Accelerating
20. Long Long Time

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4 Responses to They say that love’s a gentle thing: the best of Linda Ronstadt

  1. Bill says:

    She is not boring. She is fab.

  2. Richard Costella says:

    Honest assessment. She might sound boring initially but give the voice 5 minutes and absorb what I beli is the FABBEST ever.

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