‘You think the score’s set but you can’t truly see’: the best of Spoon


I didn’t own my first Spoon album until 2005. The first you own is the first to which you feel allegiance, but even if it were my fourth Gimme Fiction‘s dub experiments, cool use of keyboards, and the way Britt Daniel’s opaqueness comes across as sexy would put it on top. By this point they boast an impressive catalog, the last act to wring unexpected variations on Wire’s sound (I named my blog after a line in “Black Like Me”).

In 2017 I have little patience for guitar rock but I like Spoon. And they still respect tension as much as tunes. 2014’s They Want My Soul had “Outlier,” “Do You,” and “New York Kiss,” the latter as indelible an ear worm as “The Way We Get By.” Hot Thoughts is ragged, more lacquered. I’ve already added a couple favorites.

1. Don’t Make Me a Target
2. Small Stakes
3. NY Kiss
4. Black Like Me
5. They Never Got You
6. Jonathon Fisk
7. The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine
8. The Fitted Shirt
9. Don’t You Evah
10. They Want My Soul
11. Was It You
12. Paper Tiger
13. The Mystery Zone
14. The Way We Get By
15. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
16. I Summon You
17. Anything You Want
18. Can I Sit Next to You
19. I Turn My Camera On
20. Written in Reverse
21. Everything Hits at Once
22. Outlier
23. Lines in the Suit
24. Ain’t the One
25. The Beast and Dragon, Adored

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