The meat of an argument

A Mississippian of Cuban descent, I cast a cold eye on sauces of any sort. Marinate or rub chickens and meats, therefore sauce are unnecessary. I allow mustard because at least one can make it. Ketchup, though — what is its purpose. Most store brands have high fructose corn syrup; slathering crimson lab-created sugar on a burger will kill the taste and, likely, you. As a result, I’m glad that liberals and conservatives can reach consensus:

In what is easily the most important survey finding of the early days of the Trump administration, the left-leaning Public Policy Polling finds that Americans are generally united in their disdain for ketchup on steak. Over half (56 percent) say they disapprove of the practice. Only 27 percent are okay with it. And another 17 percent don’t seem to care either way.

Even more surprising, disapproval for putting ketchup on steak cuts across lines of race, gender, age and politics — with even a slim majority of ardent Trump fans declining to back their champion on this one.

PPP found majority disapproval for ketchup on steak across literally every demographic group it surveyed. Men (55 percent) and women (57 percent) see eye-to-eye on this. Democrats (56 percent) find bipartisan consensus with Republicans (54 percent). There’s no racial divide between black (59 percent) and white (56 percent).

I’m waiting for the next Howard Dean’s fifty-steak strategy.

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