The Trump White House: free of agenda, free of morals

I should cut journalists a break: they’re working harder than ever, with renewed fervor, it seems, although not with raises, according to my friends. But when I stumble on a cable news show guest explaining how GOP legislators lament how the White House scandals distract everyone from “tax reform” and not a guest dismisses the phrase — well, I can understand a little why the Alex Joneses of the world mock a culture of euphemism. “Tax reform” is gutless code for slashing corporate tax rates. “Infrastructure spending” means tax breaks to businesses to whom we will outsource the construction of roads and bridges. “Peace in the Middle East,” a phrase written in black Sharpie on one of Jared Kushner’s 5×7 cards, means letting “Bibi” Netanyahu say fuck it to the idea of co-existing with Palestinians.

The redoubtable Charles Pierce:

I despise the guess-the-sources roundelay because it turns everything into a parlor game, but it’s clear now that the president* and his people made “disruption” into a kind of faith without having the foggiest notion of what the consequence is. The things this administration wants to do—privatize everything, strengthen the existing oligarchy, shove more of the wealth upward—are being done quite smoothly on every front with the exception of healthcare, where there is a tremendous dearth of clues among everyone dealing with the issue. The “disruption” has been reserved for the institutions that have inconvenienced the president*. This apparently was the case with the intelligence community, and now that community is having its vengeance in a very serious way. It’s extraordinarily plain that the White House is now in the middle of an outright brawl without the faintest notion of how to fight it, except dirty, and that’s not working, either.

I’ll repeat: Donald J. Trump. Destroyer of Worlds, is fulfilling the mandate handed to him by voters.

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2 Responses to The Trump White House: free of agenda, free of morals

  1. It’s such a different perspective and approach to government, yet one that is not too surprising.

  2. humanizingthevacuum says:

    Reagan eventually had to lead to this.

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