The Russia connections

David Corn insists we shouldn’t let disgraced national security advisor Michael Flynn fade away to a consulting or lobbying job or FOX News commentator.

So what did they chat about? Did Flynn warn Kislyak not to mess with US democracy? Or did he give the Russians reasons to prefer Trump over Hillary Clinton and, consequently, more motivation for their covert efforts to nudge the election toward Trump?

What Flynn told Kislyak during the campaign could be much more important than their discussions about the sanctions prior to the inauguration. There is a possibility that Flynn, acting on behalf of the Trump campaign, signaled to Putin that his decision to assist Trump was on the money. Of course, there are even darker possibilities of more direct collusion.

Democrats can ask these questions without presenting themselves as jingos. Whenever they wrap themselves in the Stars ‘n’ Stripes they look like Nixon walking the beach in wingtip shoes. Glenn Greenwald addresses this phenomenon in an essay he published yesterday afternoon:

It’s hard to put into words how strange it is to watch the very same people — from both parties, across the ideological spectrum — who called for the heads of Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Tom Drake, and so many other Obama-era leakers today heap praise on those who leaked the highly sensitive, classified SIGINT information that brought down Gen. Flynn.

It’s even more surreal to watch Democrats act as though lying to the public is some grave firing offense when President Obama’s top national security official, James Clapper, got caught red-handed not only lying to the public but also to Congress — about a domestic surveillance program that courts ruled was illegal. And despite the fact that lying to Congress is a felony, he kept his job until the very last day of the Obama presidency.

The key, in my judgement, are Trump’s tax returns. Dems won’t win by stressing the extra-constitutional or unconstitutional nature of the Trump administration — that’s why voters elected him.

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