Exeunt Michael Flynn

Derek Hawkins says a footnote in the Eisenhower administration was the last national security advisor with a tenure as, ah, abbreviated as Michael Flynn’s. I was just old enough to remember how during John Poindexter’s year of service the National Security Council turned into a junta, selling weapons to Contras in a farrago that started under Poindexter’s predecessor Bud McFarlane, who lasted two years and OD’ed on pills, unsuccessfully (always the operative adverb with McFarlane), rather than testify to Congress.

Remember when Flynn was supposed to be one of the “stabilizers,” one of the men and women who would save Donald J. Trump from his worst impulses? Like Nixon, Trump is the sum total of his worst impulses; he has nothing but worst impulses. The man who led the crowd in yelling “Lock her up” at the Republican National Convention last July. The man whose son encouraged reports that Hillary Clinton led a child sex trafficking ring at a DC pizzeria. An example of inside-Beltway this story has become: “Morning” Joe and “Mika” looked more despondent about the suggestion that Flynn may have lied to the vice president, as if we had any proof that this happened; it’s as credible a theory as supposing that Pence himself encouraged the pro-Russia “tilt.” These unproven theories, once again, normalize the Trump White House; they suggest Mike Pence has credibility, period.

And the news gets better: rumors suggest David Petraeus, who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified materials, may replace him.

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