You own it! The best of Neil Young


In 1999 After the Gold Rush sounded like crap. Who was this cat left out in the rain? Then I bought Rust Never Sleeps and Zuma, in that order, around Christmas. I owned them. I owned them now. My generation came ’round to Shakey when college radio convinced itself around 1991 that it liked an idea of feedback that no one but Sonic Youth had packaged into Geffen-endorsed statements. With his artless metaphors and high Canadian timbre, Young is as creepy as a domestic scene in a David Lynch film. This fact makes his catalog albums as unknowable as any in rock. That’s why Life, Fork in the Road, and Landing on Water fascinate me and why I could wait, I must admit, a decade before owning Harvest. Ornery and sweet, Neil Young is one of the few male boomer icons with whom I can imagine drinking iced tea while watching episodes of Unsolved Mysteries, after which he can retire to a screened back terrace to write a song about the experience. After all, he drives with a copy of Pistol Annies blasting.

1. Sedan Delivery
2. Don’t Cry No Tears
3. Winterlong
4. Ambulance Blues
5. Cocaine Eyes
6. When You Dance I Can Really Love
7. I’m The Ocean
8. Like an Inca
9. Lookin’ for a Love
10 Over and Over
11. Drive On
12. Round and Round
13. Thrasher
14. Fuckin’ Up
15. Drive Back
16. Don’t Cry
17. Hippie Dream
18. Love in Mind
19. Comes A Time
20. Wrecking Ball
21. Don’t Be Denied
22. Everyone Knows This is Nowhere
23. Barstool Blues
24. Powderfinger
25. Campaigner
26. World on a String
27. Safeway Cart
28. No More
29. Out on the Weekend
30. On The Beach
31. Harvest
32. A Man Needs a Maid
33. Cowgirl in the Sand
34. Mr. Soul
35. The Loner
36. Albuquerque
37. Unknown Legend
38. Love and Only Love
39. Nothing is Perfect
40. Transformer Man
41. The Losing End
42. Fork in the Road
43. Drifter
44. Motorcycle Mama
45. Heavy Love

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