Please imagine an idiosyncratic Stevie Nicks best of in which I imagine her best Fleetwood Mac and solo tracks as a continuum. Some of your favorites may not have made it; I was looking for a narrative about her solo carer as a winged dove looking for experience on the edge of an imagined seventeen.

1. Stand Back
2. Sara
3. Edge of Seventeen
4. I Can’t Wait
4. If Anyone Falls
5. Rooms on Fire
6. Outside the Rain
7. Storms
8. Seven Wnoders
9. The Wild Heart
10. Planets of the Universe
11. No Spoken Word
12. Nothing Really Matters
13. Ooh My Love
14. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You
15. Nightbird
16. Beautiful Child
17. Thrown Down
18. Long Long Way to Go
19. Say You Will
20. Gypsy