Ten pop culture touchstones with which I’m unfamiliar

Let me qualify the headline: I’ve read Dickens but have gone no further than a couple novels and still prefer Trollope and George Eliot. The Beach Boys don’t inspire my courage.

1. Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones
2. PC Music
3. Beach Boys
4. Charles Dickens
5. Curtis Mayfield
6. Frasier
7. The Giver
8. Broken Social Scene
9. Dostoevsky
10. Sports. Of any kind.

Extra credit: pancakes, French toast, any sweet breakfast.

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2 Responses to Ten pop culture touchstones with which I’m unfamiliar

  1. jerfairall says:

    Is BSS still regarded highly enough to be a touchstone (and I ask as a sort-of fan)? Fraser maybe more so, I suppose, if you fold it into Cheers (which is still superior, no matter what anyone else tells you).

    The listing of Curtis surprises me he most. I’m not as gaga over his solo debut as others, but there is great stuff strewn throughout his entire catalogue. Check out one if he more comprehensive best-ofs, at the very least.

  2. humanizingthevacuum says:

    No odium towards Mayfield — I haven’t heard enough! “Frasier” still comes up enough. Two friends were watching reruns on TBS on NYE.

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