It cuts you up and spits you out: Fifteen teenage favorites

During the Poppy Bush Interzone, I discovered music journalism. SPIN, Musician, Rolling Stone — into the grinder their review sections went. A very white list, admittedly, at a time when white men wore paisley vets and boots. I biked the three quarters of a mile to Jukebox Records to buy the cassingles as samplers; often I’d say fuck it and bought the whole thing. Please note the whiteness of my list too. No way I would’ve heard Public Enemy in Miami when I was fourteen, but who needed it? We had “Me So Horny” and Keith Sweat.

1. Peter Murphy – Deep
2. David Byrne – Rei Momo
3. Adrian Belew – Mr. Music Head
4. Lenny Kravitz – Let Love Rule
5. George Michael – Listen Without Prejudice: Vol. 1
6. Anita Baker – Rapture
7. Michael Penn – March
8. Morrissey – Kill Uncle
9. Duran Duran – Rio
10. Prince – Graffiti Bridge
11. Deee-Lite – World Clique
12. New Order – Low-Life
13. Peter Gabriel – So
14. Blue Aeroplanes – Swagger
15. Elvis Costello – Spike

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