Let’s all meet up in the year 2017: the best of Pulp

At RFK Stadium in June 1998, Jarvis Cocker kicked off his shoes and, barefoot, launched into a spirited version of “The Fear,” a synthesized dirge that fell on the crowd like acid rain. “The Fear” wasn’t supposed to be played at the Tibetan Freedom Concert. This is Hardcore wasn’t supposed to be the followup to Different Class. But that was our Jarvis, the scowling prat at the party who anticipated the hangover while helping himself to another Tanqueray and tonic. Like Richard Butler, he wrote songs about bad sex because he was too introverted to know what good sex was, not to mention bad sex; like the Psychedelic Furs before 1984, Pulp synthesized a couple generations’ musical ideas of gentility, suaveness, and poise and hocked loogies at them. Which is why their achievement, although minor, has outlasted their colleagues’.

1. Disco 2000
2. The Trees
3. Common People
4. Misshapes
5. Something Changed
6. Help the Aged
7. Party Hard
8. Sliding Through Life on Charm (Marianne Faithfull)
9. Sorted For E’s and Whizz
10. We Love Life
11. She’s a Lady
12. Death II
13. Underwear
14. Like a Friend
15. The Fear
16. Dishes
17. Bad Cover Version
18. Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time (Jarvis Cocker)
19. Lipgloss
20. Do You Remember The First Time?
21. Babies
22. This is Hardcore
23. Sunrise
24. Dishes
25. The Night That Minnie Timperley Died

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