We resumed a new year on Tuesday but with a 2016 holdover leading the, uh, paak. Brandon Anderson’s performance at Pitchfork Music Festival last July was a charmer: he’ll dance, play drums, rap, sing, whatever you need, babe. I needed it because Malibu‘s own charms were starting to dim. “Come Down” reminds me of what still works.

I mistakenly assigned a passing grade to Tom Grennan’s dumb plaint; it should have gotten a 1. Blame me for raising its average.

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Anderson .Paak – Come Down (7)
RAYE – Shhh (7)
Tom Grennan – Something in the Water (7)
AJ Tracey – Buster Cannon (7)
Ray BLK ft. SG Lewis – Chill Out (7)
Declan McKenna – Isombard (5)
The Japanese House – Face Like Thunder (5)
Cabbage – Uber Capitalist Death Trade (5)
The Amazons – Little Something (4)