Four hours after my family fun vehicle drove past the intersection of the Florida Turnpike and Interstate 595, the former closed after another lone gunman who understands how the Supreme Court has interpreted the Second Amendment shot at least five people dead at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Several hours later, my twice elected governor held a press conference, in which he reassured a rather gobmsacked reporting crew that he was in constant touch with the person who doesn’t lead the executive branch yet. :

A reporter later asked, “Wouldn’t it be appropriate to call the president for resources?”

“I have a personal relationship with Vice President Pence and President-elect Trump, and I reached out,” Scott said.

Twice he omitted the crucial suffix and called Pence “vice president.”

The press frets about the Disruption of Norms but laments why we don’t live in a bipartisan era. We don’t because the GOP believes in capping the motherfucker while he’s sleeping in bed rather than negotiate.