An artist I’ve enjoyed through the filter of his descendants, Sylvester Stone has been deactivated if not zonked for so long that for most of my life he might as well have been a Rolling Stone RIP cover story. Then I bought the remastered three-disc Essential collection (or someone bought it; I forget) in 2009 and marveled at the exuberance of the early material and admired the quiet, worried crawl called There’s a Riot Goin’ On. I prefer the albums sandwiching it, and you may too, but it doesn’t matter.

1. If You Want Me to Stay
2. Que Sera Sera
3. Stand!
4. Hot Fun in the Summertime
5. Babies Making Babies
6. M’Lady
7. Dynamite
8. Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey
9. Poet
10. Sex Machine
11. Runnin’ Away
12. Time for Livin’
13. Family Affair
14. Loose Booty
15. Small Talk
16. I Get High on You
17. Dance to the Music
18. Higher
19. Sing a Simple Song
20. Everyday People