‘In my house there’s a circle’ — George Michael RIP

In which we Single Jukeboxers wrote about George Michael, often quite well. My blurb for “Precious Box”:

By 2004 George Michael was as welcome in America as Howard Dean, but even if Patience had sold in Faith-full bucket loads, I doubt he would have released “Precious Box” as a single anyway. A dense, pulsing, whispered electronic dance track unlike anything Michael had ever released, this interior monologue features a weary singer wondering what happened to his family, admits to feeling sick of the same faces, and, at last, politely, asks a lover to strip for the second — or third — time. His heart is full of heretofore suppressed lusts, his throat thick with twenty-five years’ worth of recriminations and orders. George Michael — he has been one acquainted with VIP rooms, and you can keep them.

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