AHAHAHAHAHA — Best of the Pixies

I’m not a fan, but a friend’s shared playlist impressed me a helluva lot. These days they remind me of Wire, of all people: formalists who not very deep down hold rock ‘n’ roll in some contempt therefore go through the paces as quickly as possible before the audience realizes the band can’t hold it together. They lacked Wire’s intellect, though — let’s keep that straight. Just wait till I get to Kim Deal.

1. Wave of Mutilation
2. Tame
3. Gigantic
4. Here Comes Your Man
5. Trompe le Monde
6. Head On
7. Velouria
8. Bone Machine
9. Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons
10. Where is My Mind
11. Alec Eiffel
12. Crackity Jones
13. Is She Weird
14. Dig For Fire
15. Vamos
16. Debaser
17. Break My Body
18. Levitate Me
19. Caribou
20. Hey

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